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The Kate Toon Podcast

May 15, 2020

Today’s episode of TOON IN DAILY is now live!


TID29: Why we can’t all be entrepreneurs  (Guest Sharon Chisholm)

I see it every day online. 

The entrepreneur dream being packaged, preened and pedalled for the paltry price of a $27 bundle.
You too can be a 7 figure business owner.

You too can work from home in your pants.
You too can have the course, the book, the podcast, the membership.

It’s easy.
But it’s not. 

Not for most of us.
And if we don’t enjoy the struggle, if we don’t have the motivation and the mindset to see it through, trying to have an online business can be soul-destroying and exhausting.

Today I’m talking with Sharon Chisholm about her business journey and about how both of us are getting ever closer to understanding the true “why” behind our business goals.