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The Kate Toon Podcast

May 13, 2020

I’m so old I remember when email came into being.
At my first job we used to pass memos around in an envelope and sign our name on it when we’d read them.
Then came email - and one of the first ones I sent was to my boss, by accident, calling him a fat little shit. Fun times. But email was so new I was able to pretend it was an IT error and got away with it. Sorry Andrew.

Since then I’ve been an EDM Producer O2, worked on countless email campaigns for big brands and developed my own email list.
I’ve used a fair few platforms, set up automations, sales funnels, campaigns and killer conversion emails.
And today I’m going to share a few tips, along with my guest EDM specialist Jennifer Gale, and ecommerce store-owner Celeste Robertson.