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The Kate Toon Podcast

May 11, 2020

TID26: Are Facebook Groups good for business? (Guest Kara Lambert)

I run four different public Facebook groups.
Two free.
Two as part of my paid membership.

And over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about making them work for me. But it hasn’t been easy. And pretty much every week I toy with trashing all my groups (especially the free ones) because they can be such a headache. But I don’t, cos they work!

Today I’m going to be giving my tips on how to run great Facebook groups: how to create them, get engagement and keep them enjoyable, profitable and manageable.
I’ll also be talking to my special Guest Kara Lambert, who’s an expert in the psychology behind using social media for engagement and biz success ( why it drives so many of us round the twist.)